Things to Do

Scuba Dive

There are a lot of amazing sites for scuba divers to visit. The cost of scuba is around 2800 so you won't have to worry about budgeting your money! Try to go to Tubbataha Reefs and explore the underwater sanctuary.

Dine at Jambalaya

No matter where it ends up you can expect a homey and quirky vibe courtesy of the welcoming Irish-Filipina couple in charge. Jambalaya, is one of the best international restaurant in Palawan with their  specialties; milkshakes and imported coffee are also on the menu. In addition, there’s a book exchange and board games – hanging out is encouraged.

Experience eating inside a Nipa Hut

Try visiting Bamboo House when you're in Palawan. It’s a friendly family-run place with picnic tables and a few small nipa huts in the yard.  The best among the rest!

Visit Lake Barracuda

This island, only a 20-minute bangka ride from Coron town, has a mysterious skyline that wouldn’t be out of place in a King Kong film. Lake Barracuda is of more interest to divers for its unique layers of fresh, salt and brackish water and dramatic temperature shifts. It’s best to go during summer so that you could experience the best summer vacation ever!

Hike and Trek at the Jungle Trail

After visiting the cave, energetic souls might want to return to Sabang on foot over the 5km-long Jungle Trail. It's better to start hiking in the morning because you must remember that The Jungle Trail closes at 3:00pm.



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