Places to Visit

                                                                     also known as “The city in a forest”

The Puerto Princesa is longest underground river the whole world. It also has many commercial beaches, resorts because it is claimed to be the cleanest beach in the world that is living with the green color that simply means peaceful place for you to have a vacation and all your efforts will be priceless if you get your desired things that you've wanted to also has a 66 barangays in rural settlements. In a year there are two climate that comes in puerto princesa which is the dry and wet seasons. but the best season to come in here is summer.


El Nido Resorts is a group of eco-resorts that is located in the El Nido-Taytay. El nido palawan there are numerous kinds of adventures that you can do. these place let you relax or even if your tired of doing the same thing everyday this is the right place for you to go. why not try a different thing that might find yourself when your feeling low. 

Ugong Rock which came from the sounds of the rocks when it is being tapped by the visitors. this place can make you more adventurous or it can be the reason that you might want to go back and back once you've started doing some adventures. the sound of this is like a bell that tings. the main adventure that tourist can do in ugong rock is the mountain climbing but it also includes; trekking, Zip line and Spelunking caving

The Tabon Cave is originated in the Tabon man place because it is found to be the fossil soils are 50,000 years old but still it has a difference to other caves which is the stone tools that are found in guri that the shapes are repeated. the tabon cave is also named after the tabon bird because of it's cave.It is being a home of the birds because it look so comfortable for  them to stay.

Port Barton is a good place to visit especially for those who love fishing because port barton is really intended for those who love fishing so that they won't get really harmed when doing this kind of activity because you can also rest in their beautiful resorts. visiting your desired place would make you very please especially to those tourist that are looking for the good and pleasing place. Well they shouldn't miss to visit this kind of place. 

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