Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Native Crafts

Native Crafts
by Marcharel Sarmiento 5

A Rattan mat is called the Biday which can be used as blinds, wall decor, divider or just a siimple floor mat at your front doors. A Biday is one of the NATRIPAL (Nagkakaisang Tribo ng Palawan or United Tribal People of Palawan) various native product in the Philippines especially in Palawan. It is for the tribal to be supported by others.

In Palawan you can see a culture farms but their "Pearl Jewelry" is not being produced in local Jewelry making but it was being made with the original pearls that they get in the south sea. The most Huge area for souvenir items in Palawan is Located in San Miguel, Palawan, Along the National Highway.

Palawan is also known for it's Cashew or Kasoy. The nut still has the milky texture when it is being roasted or baked. Though there are also a Cashew nuts in Cagayan De Oro when it is being made, the texture of the cashew nut is not as milky like Palawan's. 

Did you know that they also eats Sea foods like Seaweeds and it is called Seaweed lato from Cuyo Island. the seaweeds never lose it's kind of veggies that has a healing properties such as Leaves, Seeds, Fruit veggies, Root crops and sprouts.

Visiting those places, souvenir shops would make you satisfied and you'll be able to tell it to your friends so that when you plan to come back they will also have the same feeling like you did for the first time.

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