Monday, November 17, 2014

Congee Long

by Marcharel Sarmiento 2

Chao long noodles Palawan are varied. it is adapted on Vietnamese cuisine and brought it here in the Philippines. A pleasure is given to the Vietnamese cuisine for sharing their beloved meal in Palawan to be in the top 5 "MUST TRY" foods. 

Some of the customers highly wanted the original taste of Chao long noodles which is the sweet buto buto stew chao long over the beef stew chao long it looks like sweet reddish soup paired with toasted french bread with butter and garlic, topped in with the sprouted mongo, mint leaves and a little bit of their home made chili sauce and the result was "SO YUMMY"!.

This time the Delicious noodle soup was served in Hoa Kieu Vietnamese restaurant in Roxas, Palawan. The thick and flat home made rice noodles was always being accompanied by the garlic bread and cold softdrinks that would make your tummy very satisfied and  it would make you feel to go back in that restaurant everyday.

When you eat a Chao long noodles you wouldn't think of the price because the estimated price of the Chao long noodles cost for only 45 pesos and additional 30 pesos for the garlic bread. it is very pocket-friendly and it will make you very satisfied. 

Tired of eating the Filipino foods? Chao long is like "Toge" in the Philippines, it is usually cooked as a "Ginisang Toge" with Tofu. but Chao long is cooked in a different way!

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