Thursday, November 27, 2014

Balayong Festival

Balayong Festival
by: Ciara Manglapus 5

On march 4 during my last trip in Palawan, they have what they called balayong festival. balayong is like a cherry blossom festival here Palawan, I was so happy to see all the amazing preparation going through that festival here in Palawan. I always love to go in every kind of festival in the Phillippine, during in my tour in Palawan. I was so excited to see what balayong festival looks like but I know people in Palawan preparing a lot to that festival. Let me share to you what I'm experiencing to that most happiest day during in my trip in Palawan.

This festival are the most memorable events to the "Palawenyo" and for us tourist, this kind of festival shown us the importance of the anniversary of the City of Puerto Princesa, for us to see the true nature of Palawan, they have street dancing that all of us can see how amazing the dance it is that they will perform and colorful floral parade. The Palawan also know to their cherry blossoms from which the festival derived its name.

It's like I'm dreaming went I saw the beautiful, colorful dresses they make, and the props. all of the people joining the events are amazing on what they saw. Its like a different kind of event, that they have, a sports fest and a thanks giving celebration for the good harvesting during the month of the yield, for us tourist they have a blessing for a safety trip during the last day of the others tourist planing to go home.
After a long week of celebration the balayong festivals is the awarding of miss Puerto princesa the most wanting event for us tourist because I know they are so many beautiful ladies here in palawan on what I see during my past tour inside palawan.

After the busy day, It was Fun. There’s a lot of people joining the Balayong festival it amaze me for What I see in that day so please if you will go here in Palawan come on march 4 for celebrating this incredible festival, Too late for me I'm gonna go home from manila I will miss Palawan a lot because of too much stress in manila, all of my stress have been gone since I came here! "what you see is true" try to come in Palawan and see what culture they have.

Lake Barracuda

Lake Barracuda
by: Ciara Manglapus 4

Hickers! Good news! Did you know that in Palawan they have this island called Lake Barracuda?

What is Lake Barracuda? for me lake barracuda is a stress reliever for us tourist during our trip with my friends. this is a good place to you for relaxation during your trip here. it's like a painting for me because this is a good for taking pictures and selfies with your friends.

I really like going to this place because it gives me freedom and clean atmosphere. me and my friends can get enough for taking selfies they have this beautiful scenery all over the top view on this beautiful mountains and forest. Specially the most famous lake barracuda it can be a scene for a movie.

After taking selfies the rest of my friends are tired of walking, good to know that they have a zip line going to the other mountain. it was so scary but fun to ride the zip line, it's not my first time to ride the zip line but the cliff are too deep. I'm sooo scared.
Before we go to the restaurant we have to walk again and again because the restaurant is far from that mountain, it was too tired to walk but even though we are all tired one of my friend Ian was making jokes while we are walking down to that restaurant. We are hungry to death.

After a long walk in the lake barracuda, finally it was so beautiful seeing the mountains and rivers in Palawan. I love Palawan because of the true nature and amazing attraction here in the Lake Barracuda is a stress reliever after seeing those views in the top of the mountain. So please try to look after the most beautiful attraction, nature in palawan to those who are in their stress of work try to come in
Palawan I surely to you it was worth it.

KaLui Restaurant

The Best Among the Rest
by Nathania Laforteza 5

Your tour in Palawan would not be complete if you have not visit KaLui Restaurant. It is the most famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. The reason why people always come to KaLui is because it provides the best customer service. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be greated by their friendly and most welcoming staff. It is also famous for it's unique architecture. KaLui is made of a native wood house. Its floor is clean and well-polished, you would not mind walking in barefoot because it is required to be barefooted once you enter the restaurant.

This popular restaurant has probably the best seafood on the island. Their menu consists of Sashimi, Crabs, Grilled Shrimps and many more amazing underwater delicacies! You would not want to miss all the delicious and tastiest food there! The food is amazing at KaLui and the price is ridiculously low for the quality. 

As you can see, the place is really beautiful. The ambiance is very relaxing and you would really feel at home once you are there. You would not just have a happy tummy but your eyes would feel the happiness too. The whole place is decorated with beautiful artworks. Mostly paintings of native Filipina and fish sculptures.

They have a very unique bathroom design. I know that most of us are fascinated and are excited to roam around a restaurant that has  great designs. I promise you that you would be so happy and would take a lot of Mirror-Selfie at KaLui's bathroom. It actually looked more of a living room than a bathroom. It's very fascinating, clean, and the smell is just fantastic! 

It is just 10 to 15 minuets away from Puerto Princesa Airport. You must call first for reservation before going because rest assure that the place is always jam-packed with tourists from different countries. Book your flight now and fly to the most amazing restaurant in Puerto Princesa!

Cashew Wine

Cashew Wine
by Nathania Laforteza 4

Did you know that Palawan is not only known for its breathtaking sceneries and crystal-clear waters? It is also known as the number 1 producer of Cashew Nut in the Philippines!

Palawan is considered the "Cashew Capital of the Country" supplying 93 percent of nuts all throughout Philippines. Most people, when they talk about cashew, they can only refer to the nuts. But there's more to a Cashew than just the nut itself.

You can make a lot of delicacies with the Cashew Apple. It can be a Cashew Nut, Cashew Peaunut Butter, Cashew Cake and many more! But the most unusual product that can come out of a cashew is the Cashew Wine. Yes, you've read it right! Cashew Wine is one of Palawan's best "pasalubong" (souveneir/something to take home for your loved ones) It is a ery healthy wine an would bring a lot of good benefits. 

The Cashew Wine is not only good for parties or special occasions, but it is also good for your health. The wine is said to be a great help in cleaning the heart. Every sip contains energy, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for robust health. Cashews are good for your skin and would help prevent cancer which means that the wine would not be bad if you drink once in a while. It may taste diferrent from your regular wine but it is one of the best thing that you could ever drink! 

The wine is sparkling yellowish-brown when fermented from the juice extract of the cashew apple and becomes reddish-brown upon aging. It gets better when it has been stored for quite a long time. It really tastes good and it only contains 10-12 percent of ethyl alcohol which means that it is good for your health and would not be a harm to your body.

If you are really in to something new, taste Palawan's Cashew Wine and have a cheers with your friends and relatives! Buy 1 for pasalubong for only 200 pesos! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Native Crafts

Native Crafts
by Marcharel Sarmiento 5

A Rattan mat is called the Biday which can be used as blinds, wall decor, divider or just a siimple floor mat at your front doors. A Biday is one of the NATRIPAL (Nagkakaisang Tribo ng Palawan or United Tribal People of Palawan) various native product in the Philippines especially in Palawan. It is for the tribal to be supported by others.

In Palawan you can see a culture farms but their "Pearl Jewelry" is not being produced in local Jewelry making but it was being made with the original pearls that they get in the south sea. The most Huge area for souvenir items in Palawan is Located in San Miguel, Palawan, Along the National Highway.

Palawan is also known for it's Cashew or Kasoy. The nut still has the milky texture when it is being roasted or baked. Though there are also a Cashew nuts in Cagayan De Oro when it is being made, the texture of the cashew nut is not as milky like Palawan's. 

Did you know that they also eats Sea foods like Seaweeds and it is called Seaweed lato from Cuyo Island. the seaweeds never lose it's kind of veggies that has a healing properties such as Leaves, Seeds, Fruit veggies, Root crops and sprouts.

Visiting those places, souvenir shops would make you satisfied and you'll be able to tell it to your friends so that when you plan to come back they will also have the same feeling like you did for the first time.

Island Tour

Honda Bay Island Tour
by Marcharel Sarmiento 4

Honda Bay Island is located in the mid-eastern coast of the city where you could see the stunning Island with its white sand beaches. In Honda Bay Island there's a different thrills but it is specially for the swimmer's and snorkeler's and those places are Luli Island, Starfish Island, Pandan Island and Cowrie Island.

You are lucky to spot other varieties/species in Starfish Island because the most popular species that you would be able to see honda bay island is the "STARFISH" a symmetric five-armed orange Star fish and it is also available in other colors but its not usually being seen because it is hard to look for it.

The perfect place for "sun questers" and those people who's passion are in snorkeling and diving, Honda Bay is the perfect spot for you to do those things because you shouldn't miss any tourist stop when you visit Palawan, Island hopping may be one of your forgetable moments.

There's also a private island with just one small resort and it is in Pandan Island, it offers a stunning view from the Honda Bay. The only structures that you would be able to see are only woods, nipa cottages and stores selling drinks and offering massages.

Honda Bay Island is not just an ordinary place for you to go to. why? because you'll be sleeping on the beach houses floating around but not literally floating because the style of the resort is like a stick houses. the house foundation is based on the stick and you don't need to worry because it is safe and you won't regret that you've tried these kinds of places that would make you feel comfortable and stress free.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Balayong Festival

Balayong Festival

by Marcharel Sarmiento 3

Balayong festival is intended to be like a tree planting ceremony to others for them to save their nature and would appreciate the planter's does when gaining those kinds of trees, all the efforts that they've put just to get their intention.

The Events intention is approximately for their beloved farmers that gives them a nutritious rice, Fisher folks that gives them seafoods, traders and buyer's for them to enjoy the festival and be able to promote merrymaking through Singing and Dancing on the streets. It is also a mixture of historical and sports activities are in the run events part and running is very "Fun" didn't you know that? it can help you to be physically fit.

Tabuan parade simply wants to showcase the products and reveal it to the others in a different kind of market place for those first timer to go in that kind of festival as a thanksgiving for blessing and pleasing to the eyes of the runners while running.

Did you know that they also have a band, but not just an ordinary band but also a life savior, it is known in Palawan as the Philippine Air Force Band. While the Philippine air force band is playing their piece there's also a electric tricycle that roams around so that the people would be notified that the Philippine Air Force band is playing.

The Balayong Festival is held every march 4 of the year, The week celebrates with the ceremonies for women's who gives effort for being the outstanding representative for  the Puerto Princesans and their accomplishments in fulfilling theirs dream to be crowned as the Ms. Puerto Prinsesa.

Bringing the tourist in these kind of festival can make their day memorable in visiting our beloved place which is the palawan because it has many places to go to and you can also have an adventurous vacation in staying here and after your adventurous day you can have some relaxation in one of their resorts. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Colorful Unity

Baragatan Festival
by: Nathania Laforteza 3

Baragatan Festival is from the native term “bagat” which means ‘to unite’ is a fiesta celebrated annually to commemorate the foundation of the municipal government of Puerto Princesa Palawan. It is when different group with different cultures join together to perform in expression of their qualities, historical backgrounds and special delicacies. 

The festival begins on the 22nd of May until the 2nd of June with colorful float parade and a unique dance parade. There is a dance competition and 14 various cultures will be represented. It is a very fun festival because you will be able to witness the talents of every Palawan citizen. So what are you waiting for? Come to Palawan and dance with us!

The true message of this exciting festival is that of unity and convergence. Though the event celebrates the individuality of the people of Palawan, it also seeks to celebrate the importance of coming together and being as one.

Baragatan also features the richness of Palawan's natural resources, local delicacies, arts and crafts, and the spirit of entrepreneurship of Palawanos in the LGU Trade Fairs. There is no reason for you to not go to Palawan during this festival! There are tons of things to see and do there. It also focuses on the skills and talents of Palawanos as they compete in the Palawan Pop Idol, Chorale Singing Compettion, Munting Tining/Dance Craze and the Baragatan Battle of the Band, among others.

Overall, the Baragatan festival is a one-of-a-kind experience that every Filipino should witness on their next visit to Palawan. It is indeed an experience to learn how Palawan locals celebrate their diverse culture and remain united—a cornerstone on how they achieve progress while preserving their unique culture and traditions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dried Fish

Dried Fish
by: Ciara Manglapus 3

We all know that in Palawan, there are many products and foods that their nature can provide. One of the most local products that they have is dried fish. Dried fish is made of fish that is preserved through traditional methods such as drying, salting, and smoking.

You might ask what is the best “pasalubong”? Well of course its sea food. Dried fish is always the best pasalubong because of the rich feeling it gives and you could really taste the magic of the ocean. You could get even it in the wet markets of Palawan for affordable prices! 

In my trip in Palawan, I always try new things like eating dried fish. Honestly, I'm not into dried fish and when I first tasted it, it was too salty. I can’t even want to eat it again. But the thing is, they have a special flavor that no one can’t compare to the other dried fish in Palawan.

Those people living near the sea consider fishing as their daily source of living. They even have a boats and equipments for catching fish. Once they catch it they will sell it into the wet market. Yay! Fresh sea food!

So guys if you will go home without “pasalubong, I will tell you your trip isn’t complete. So don't forget to buy pasalubongs and try to eat dried fish that gives you this rich feeling. You could really taste the magic of the ocean in Palawan. There are also many places that you will find if you go here. It has even very affordable foods and products than any others.

Sea Food Sisig

Sea Food Sisig
by: Ciara Manglapus 2

Looking for something that is new or if you want something different from your local sisig? Try Palawan Sea food Sisig while it still sizzling hot on your plate.

In my trip in Palawan it won't be complete without eating at the famous restaurant kalui. Their menu was very affordable and yummy for me all of the tourist here are eating because of famous restaurant here in palawan.

That day we ordered the Palawan Seafood Sisig, a food adaptation from the popular pork dish of a sisig with sea food. this sea food sisig that you can have, with a price of 195 pesos. yummy!!

It takes 15 mins to cooked sisig while I'm eating at KaLui restaurant they have a amazing view and when you looked around there are so many Vintage paintings that you will see if you go here! 

The foods in palawan is really nice but trying something new is very different from your past taste of your local sisig, For us tourists, it may only be a nice place but there are also many places that you will find if you go here and it is very affordable than any other restaurants here in palawan.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Congee Long

by Marcharel Sarmiento 2

Chao long noodles Palawan are varied. it is adapted on Vietnamese cuisine and brought it here in the Philippines. A pleasure is given to the Vietnamese cuisine for sharing their beloved meal in Palawan to be in the top 5 "MUST TRY" foods. 

Some of the customers highly wanted the original taste of Chao long noodles which is the sweet buto buto stew chao long over the beef stew chao long it looks like sweet reddish soup paired with toasted french bread with butter and garlic, topped in with the sprouted mongo, mint leaves and a little bit of their home made chili sauce and the result was "SO YUMMY"!.

This time the Delicious noodle soup was served in Hoa Kieu Vietnamese restaurant in Roxas, Palawan. The thick and flat home made rice noodles was always being accompanied by the garlic bread and cold softdrinks that would make your tummy very satisfied and  it would make you feel to go back in that restaurant everyday.

When you eat a Chao long noodles you wouldn't think of the price because the estimated price of the Chao long noodles cost for only 45 pesos and additional 30 pesos for the garlic bread. it is very pocket-friendly and it will make you very satisfied. 

Tired of eating the Filipino foods? Chao long is like "Toge" in the Philippines, it is usually cooked as a "Ginisang Toge" with Tofu. but Chao long is cooked in a different way!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dare to Eat

by Nathania Laforteza 2

Want to try something different? Something veeeery different? If you have a really strong stomach and can handle exotic things. Then, you must try this Palawan's best Tamilok. 

The famous exotic food in Palawan is called the “Tamilok”. It is in fact a wood worm that tastes like an oyster. It not literary a worm though, it is actually a mollusk found inside rotting mangroves. The word “Tamilok” was originally coined by two Americans. It started when they saw the locals eating the tree worm. The other guy called his friend and said “Tommy, Look!”. Then on, the locals adapted this to and referred it to the wood worm delicacy.

I know it looks kind of disgusting but it really tastes delicious! It is tasty and healthy and is very fun to eat (I mean, it's kinda odd but it really is something that you should try) It is best when you are with your friends especially when you guys are drinking. It is a good dish for "Pulutan". 

Now here’s the question: Are you really a fighter? Would you dare to eat something that looks so suspicious? Well, here’s the fun part. Swallowing the Tamilok is really a challenge. It is very slimy (slimier than oyster). It is really wet and would probably get stuck to you esophagus like an extra slippery and long oyster. Here’s a tip: When you’re planning to try this, you better have an alcohol in hand to help you. You have got to have the guts to eat it so you won’t vomit all over the place.

Now come and visit Palawan and go try it! Dare your friends to eat it! It really is a must try!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido Resorts
by Marcharel Sarmiento 1

El Nido is located in El Nido-taytay.The perfect season when to go the resorts in El Nido Palawan are group of resorts that are eco-friendly.The resort stuff gives hospitality and unique service in enriching experiences to those tourist like the adventures to witness the natural beauty of the landscapes in El Nido Palawan.

El Nido Resorts is made to the Miniloc Island Resort and Lagen Island in El Nido, and the newly opened a new luxurious property. 

El Nido resorts has become responsible in an ecologically good areas that heir sustainability in welcoming a strong commitment to their customers is as high as it could be. The stewardship over the the service that they are giving in  diversing environment had become their exercise so that the tourist would probably know the importance of preserving nature to all.

There is low-impact activities exclusively offered to the guests. These includes the following: Snorkeling, Island hopping, Scuba diving, kayaking, hiking and many more.

El Nido has become one of the nature based in terms of having tourists that are providing enough education for the staff that is lack of education for them to have an opportunity to have a work and further add more knowledge to them. 

Rockin' Reefs of Palawan

Tubbataha Reef
by Nathania Laforteza 1

In the Sulu Sea, Philippines – at the geographic center of world marine biodiversity – lies the most breathtaking underwater experience for scuba divers. Tubbataha Reef is one of the best dive sites in the world. An astonishing density and diversity of coral and fish can be found in the crystal-clear underwater sanctuary.

When I went to Palawan, the first thing that I really wanted to do was to explore the wonderful islands that they can offer. I searched the internet for the best scuba dive site and Tubbataha Reefs was the first one to pop out. I look for blogs and reviews about the place and I was really fascinated about it. I immediately booked my trip there and went on to explore the magical Tubbataha Reef.

The Tubbataha Reef is the country's first national park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I could not argue with that anymore! Tubbataha Reef deserves to be in the UNESCO World Heritage and to be the "Top 8 Best Dive Site" in the world because it really is amazing. It's really overwhelming to see something like that on news articles or on the internet. This goes to show that Philippine really have a lot of things to offer to the tourist.

This is a place for environmentally-conscious travelers with an adventurous spirit. Visitors must be aware of the things that they do while they are visiting Tubbatha Reefs. Every traveler must know where to put there trashes on the right places and must know how to respect the corals and the fishes. Tubataha is not owned by a single person or any private organization; it belongs to every Filipino. It is our duty to conserve the reefs for the benefit of the present and future generations.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Summer vacation now and book for Palawan! Dive in with us and swim with all the fishes in Tubbataha Reef! There are so much more to see there and you would not be disappointed!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Underground River

Puerto Princesa's Underground River
by Ciara Manglapus 1

My first trip in palawan is to go to the  familiar Puerto Princesa Underground River. during my tour we are required to wore life jackets and hard hats, Im so excited entering the puerto princesa Underground River. Along the river the  waters are pretty clear and blue and into the amazing entrance you will see the old  stalactites and so many bats that are flying in the cave. But there are just more things that this underground river can show you behind those caves.

The Underground River is Puerto Princesa’s pride. It is also considred as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Proudly Pinoy! 

The Underground River can be proud of all the true nature it is. that's why all the species living in the cave are good for their habitat as they are growing. This proves that underground river is not only a tourist attraction, but also a home to many living things.

It is considered home and habitat for all the species that they are living in the cave, and if you are, the tourist you can also protect our nature to be one of the most beautiful places all over the world.

Puerto Princesa Underground River is indeed a treasure not only for Palawan, but also for the whole Philippines. For us tourists, it may only be a nice place but for several species of plants and animals, this is their home. The underground river is something that we, people especially Filipinos, should be aware of. But despite that, it is also our responsibility to protect this place no only for the sake of tourism but also for the biodiversity that this place can offer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great Getaways

Great Getaways Travel and Tours Launches in Palawan, the Palawan largest travel and tour in the Philippines is to announce the launch of our own site, is a new travel and tour site for the tourist that are interested in adventures for the beautiful scenery that can be found in Palawan, and a vacation that can help you feel relaxed and comfortable during stressful days, A better places to visit, discover something new to your eyes to feel overwhelmed.

Nathania Grace Laforteza is the CEO of this company, said that "we are Proudly to introduce to you our travel and tours company that we've been visited by the Asian people like Singapore, Thailand, Korea, china and so many more international countries.

We are excited to introduce the different cultures, places, adventures, food that could be found in palawan. we assure you a high class leading destinations around palawan like the 7 wonders of the world and we're proudly presenting one of the most ecological frontier at the Philippines.