Discover Palawan

Palawan is an Island province of the Philippines. The provincial capital is Puerto Princesa and it is the largest province in terms of land area. Palawan is an archipelago of 1,780 on the western part of the Philippines. It is also known as the last Ecological frontier of the Philippines. It has the most concentration of islands but is the most sparsely populated region in the country. Because of its scenic landscapes and high bio-diversity, Palawan is known as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”. 

The weather is suitable for travelers who love the fusion of golden sun, pristine, aqua blue and turquoise green waters, and some of the Philippines finest white sand beaches. Many resort islands attempt to imitate this beauty but few measure up to the absolute wonder and incredible paradise. 

Palawan, the only Philippine island cited, is rated by National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region in 2007, and the 13th best island in the world having incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes. One of the most biodiverse (terrestrial and marine) islands in the Philippines. The island has had a Biosphere Reserve status since early 1990s, showing local interest for conservation and sustainable development.

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