Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sea Food Sisig

Sea Food Sisig
by: Ciara Manglapus 2

Looking for something that is new or if you want something different from your local sisig? Try Palawan Sea food Sisig while it still sizzling hot on your plate.

In my trip in Palawan it won't be complete without eating at the famous restaurant kalui. Their menu was very affordable and yummy for me all of the tourist here are eating because of famous restaurant here in palawan.

That day we ordered the Palawan Seafood Sisig, a food adaptation from the popular pork dish of a sisig with sea food. this sea food sisig that you can have, with a price of 195 pesos. yummy!!

It takes 15 mins to cooked sisig while I'm eating at KaLui restaurant they have a amazing view and when you looked around there are so many Vintage paintings that you will see if you go here! 

The foods in palawan is really nice but trying something new is very different from your past taste of your local sisig, For us tourists, it may only be a nice place but there are also many places that you will find if you go here and it is very affordable than any other restaurants here in palawan.

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