Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cashew Wine

Cashew Wine
by Nathania Laforteza 4

Did you know that Palawan is not only known for its breathtaking sceneries and crystal-clear waters? It is also known as the number 1 producer of Cashew Nut in the Philippines!

Palawan is considered the "Cashew Capital of the Country" supplying 93 percent of nuts all throughout Philippines. Most people, when they talk about cashew, they can only refer to the nuts. But there's more to a Cashew than just the nut itself.

You can make a lot of delicacies with the Cashew Apple. It can be a Cashew Nut, Cashew Peaunut Butter, Cashew Cake and many more! But the most unusual product that can come out of a cashew is the Cashew Wine. Yes, you've read it right! Cashew Wine is one of Palawan's best "pasalubong" (souveneir/something to take home for your loved ones) It is a ery healthy wine an would bring a lot of good benefits. 

The Cashew Wine is not only good for parties or special occasions, but it is also good for your health. The wine is said to be a great help in cleaning the heart. Every sip contains energy, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for robust health. Cashews are good for your skin and would help prevent cancer which means that the wine would not be bad if you drink once in a while. It may taste diferrent from your regular wine but it is one of the best thing that you could ever drink! 

The wine is sparkling yellowish-brown when fermented from the juice extract of the cashew apple and becomes reddish-brown upon aging. It gets better when it has been stored for quite a long time. It really tastes good and it only contains 10-12 percent of ethyl alcohol which means that it is good for your health and would not be a harm to your body.

If you are really in to something new, taste Palawan's Cashew Wine and have a cheers with your friends and relatives! Buy 1 for pasalubong for only 200 pesos! 


  1. How should it be stored? Like regular wine? Or can it be placed in a liquor cabinet?

  2. How should it be stored? Like regular wine? Or can it be placed in a liquor cabinet?