Thursday, November 27, 2014

Balayong Festival

Balayong Festival
by: Ciara Manglapus 5

On march 4 during my last trip in Palawan, they have what they called balayong festival. balayong is like a cherry blossom festival here Palawan, I was so happy to see all the amazing preparation going through that festival here in Palawan. I always love to go in every kind of festival in the Phillippine, during in my tour in Palawan. I was so excited to see what balayong festival looks like but I know people in Palawan preparing a lot to that festival. Let me share to you what I'm experiencing to that most happiest day during in my trip in Palawan.

This festival are the most memorable events to the "Palawenyo" and for us tourist, this kind of festival shown us the importance of the anniversary of the City of Puerto Princesa, for us to see the true nature of Palawan, they have street dancing that all of us can see how amazing the dance it is that they will perform and colorful floral parade. The Palawan also know to their cherry blossoms from which the festival derived its name.

It's like I'm dreaming went I saw the beautiful, colorful dresses they make, and the props. all of the people joining the events are amazing on what they saw. Its like a different kind of event, that they have, a sports fest and a thanks giving celebration for the good harvesting during the month of the yield, for us tourist they have a blessing for a safety trip during the last day of the others tourist planing to go home.
After a long week of celebration the balayong festivals is the awarding of miss Puerto princesa the most wanting event for us tourist because I know they are so many beautiful ladies here in palawan on what I see during my past tour inside palawan.

After the busy day, It was Fun. There’s a lot of people joining the Balayong festival it amaze me for What I see in that day so please if you will go here in Palawan come on march 4 for celebrating this incredible festival, Too late for me I'm gonna go home from manila I will miss Palawan a lot because of too much stress in manila, all of my stress have been gone since I came here! "what you see is true" try to come in Palawan and see what culture they have.

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