Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Balayong Festival

Balayong Festival

by Marcharel Sarmiento 3

Balayong festival is intended to be like a tree planting ceremony to others for them to save their nature and would appreciate the planter's does when gaining those kinds of trees, all the efforts that they've put just to get their intention.

The Events intention is approximately for their beloved farmers that gives them a nutritious rice, Fisher folks that gives them seafoods, traders and buyer's for them to enjoy the festival and be able to promote merrymaking through Singing and Dancing on the streets. It is also a mixture of historical and sports activities are in the run events part and running is very "Fun" didn't you know that? it can help you to be physically fit.

Tabuan parade simply wants to showcase the products and reveal it to the others in a different kind of market place for those first timer to go in that kind of festival as a thanksgiving for blessing and pleasing to the eyes of the runners while running.

Did you know that they also have a band, but not just an ordinary band but also a life savior, it is known in Palawan as the Philippine Air Force Band. While the Philippine air force band is playing their piece there's also a electric tricycle that roams around so that the people would be notified that the Philippine Air Force band is playing.

The Balayong Festival is held every march 4 of the year, The week celebrates with the ceremonies for women's who gives effort for being the outstanding representative for  the Puerto Princesans and their accomplishments in fulfilling theirs dream to be crowned as the Ms. Puerto Prinsesa.

Bringing the tourist in these kind of festival can make their day memorable in visiting our beloved place which is the palawan because it has many places to go to and you can also have an adventurous vacation in staying here and after your adventurous day you can have some relaxation in one of their resorts. 

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