Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lake Barracuda

Lake Barracuda
by: Ciara Manglapus 4

Hickers! Good news! Did you know that in Palawan they have this island called Lake Barracuda?

What is Lake Barracuda? for me lake barracuda is a stress reliever for us tourist during our trip with my friends. this is a good place to you for relaxation during your trip here. it's like a painting for me because this is a good for taking pictures and selfies with your friends.

I really like going to this place because it gives me freedom and clean atmosphere. me and my friends can get enough for taking selfies they have this beautiful scenery all over the top view on this beautiful mountains and forest. Specially the most famous lake barracuda it can be a scene for a movie.

After taking selfies the rest of my friends are tired of walking, good to know that they have a zip line going to the other mountain. it was so scary but fun to ride the zip line, it's not my first time to ride the zip line but the cliff are too deep. I'm sooo scared.
Before we go to the restaurant we have to walk again and again because the restaurant is far from that mountain, it was too tired to walk but even though we are all tired one of my friend Ian was making jokes while we are walking down to that restaurant. We are hungry to death.

After a long walk in the lake barracuda, finally it was so beautiful seeing the mountains and rivers in Palawan. I love Palawan because of the true nature and amazing attraction here in the Lake Barracuda is a stress reliever after seeing those views in the top of the mountain. So please try to look after the most beautiful attraction, nature in palawan to those who are in their stress of work try to come in
Palawan I surely to you it was worth it.

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