Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dried Fish

Dried Fish
by: Ciara Manglapus 3

We all know that in Palawan, there are many products and foods that their nature can provide. One of the most local products that they have is dried fish. Dried fish is made of fish that is preserved through traditional methods such as drying, salting, and smoking.

You might ask what is the best “pasalubong”? Well of course its sea food. Dried fish is always the best pasalubong because of the rich feeling it gives and you could really taste the magic of the ocean. You could get even it in the wet markets of Palawan for affordable prices! 

In my trip in Palawan, I always try new things like eating dried fish. Honestly, I'm not into dried fish and when I first tasted it, it was too salty. I can’t even want to eat it again. But the thing is, they have a special flavor that no one can’t compare to the other dried fish in Palawan.

Those people living near the sea consider fishing as their daily source of living. They even have a boats and equipments for catching fish. Once they catch it they will sell it into the wet market. Yay! Fresh sea food!

So guys if you will go home without “pasalubong, I will tell you your trip isn’t complete. So don't forget to buy pasalubongs and try to eat dried fish that gives you this rich feeling. You could really taste the magic of the ocean in Palawan. There are also many places that you will find if you go here. It has even very affordable foods and products than any others.

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