Foods and Products

Sea Food Sisig

Sisig is seasoned with lime, salt, pepper, garlic and is usually served in a sizzling plate. Usually it is served with an uncooked egg on top that you mix with meat while the plate is still sizzling hot! It's really affordable and would only cost around 50 pesos!


One of Palawan’s exotic delicacy is the Tamilok. It's not exactly a worm but instead a mollusk.It's is very slimy (slimier than an oyster) but it is reaaaaaally delicious!

Brown Rice

Palawan is also known for their organic unpolished (brown) rice. You can get some of this amazing rice at any supermarket or wet market in Palawan.

Palawan is known for its Cashew or Kasoy. It is one of the best selling products because of its creamy taste and the way that is cooked and baked. In fact, Palawan is the number 1 producer of Cashew in the Philippines!

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