Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Island Tour

Honda Bay Island Tour
by Marcharel Sarmiento 4

Honda Bay Island is located in the mid-eastern coast of the city where you could see the stunning Island with its white sand beaches. In Honda Bay Island there's a different thrills but it is specially for the swimmer's and snorkeler's and those places are Luli Island, Starfish Island, Pandan Island and Cowrie Island.

You are lucky to spot other varieties/species in Starfish Island because the most popular species that you would be able to see honda bay island is the "STARFISH" a symmetric five-armed orange Star fish and it is also available in other colors but its not usually being seen because it is hard to look for it.

The perfect place for "sun questers" and those people who's passion are in snorkeling and diving, Honda Bay is the perfect spot for you to do those things because you shouldn't miss any tourist stop when you visit Palawan, Island hopping may be one of your forgetable moments.

There's also a private island with just one small resort and it is in Pandan Island, it offers a stunning view from the Honda Bay. The only structures that you would be able to see are only woods, nipa cottages and stores selling drinks and offering massages.

Honda Bay Island is not just an ordinary place for you to go to. why? because you'll be sleeping on the beach houses floating around but not literally floating because the style of the resort is like a stick houses. the house foundation is based on the stick and you don't need to worry because it is safe and you won't regret that you've tried these kinds of places that would make you feel comfortable and stress free.

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