Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dare to Eat

by Nathania Laforteza 2

Want to try something different? Something veeeery different? If you have a really strong stomach and can handle exotic things. Then, you must try this Palawan's best Tamilok. 

The famous exotic food in Palawan is called the “Tamilok”. It is in fact a wood worm that tastes like an oyster. It not literary a worm though, it is actually a mollusk found inside rotting mangroves. The word “Tamilok” was originally coined by two Americans. It started when they saw the locals eating the tree worm. The other guy called his friend and said “Tommy, Look!”. Then on, the locals adapted this to and referred it to the wood worm delicacy.

I know it looks kind of disgusting but it really tastes delicious! It is tasty and healthy and is very fun to eat (I mean, it's kinda odd but it really is something that you should try) It is best when you are with your friends especially when you guys are drinking. It is a good dish for "Pulutan". 

Now here’s the question: Are you really a fighter? Would you dare to eat something that looks so suspicious? Well, here’s the fun part. Swallowing the Tamilok is really a challenge. It is very slimy (slimier than oyster). It is really wet and would probably get stuck to you esophagus like an extra slippery and long oyster. Here’s a tip: When you’re planning to try this, you better have an alcohol in hand to help you. You have got to have the guts to eat it so you won’t vomit all over the place.

Now come and visit Palawan and go try it! Dare your friends to eat it! It really is a must try!

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