Thursday, November 27, 2014

KaLui Restaurant

The Best Among the Rest
by Nathania Laforteza 5

Your tour in Palawan would not be complete if you have not visit KaLui Restaurant. It is the most famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. The reason why people always come to KaLui is because it provides the best customer service. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be greated by their friendly and most welcoming staff. It is also famous for it's unique architecture. KaLui is made of a native wood house. Its floor is clean and well-polished, you would not mind walking in barefoot because it is required to be barefooted once you enter the restaurant.

This popular restaurant has probably the best seafood on the island. Their menu consists of Sashimi, Crabs, Grilled Shrimps and many more amazing underwater delicacies! You would not want to miss all the delicious and tastiest food there! The food is amazing at KaLui and the price is ridiculously low for the quality. 

As you can see, the place is really beautiful. The ambiance is very relaxing and you would really feel at home once you are there. You would not just have a happy tummy but your eyes would feel the happiness too. The whole place is decorated with beautiful artworks. Mostly paintings of native Filipina and fish sculptures.

They have a very unique bathroom design. I know that most of us are fascinated and are excited to roam around a restaurant that has  great designs. I promise you that you would be so happy and would take a lot of Mirror-Selfie at KaLui's bathroom. It actually looked more of a living room than a bathroom. It's very fascinating, clean, and the smell is just fantastic! 

It is just 10 to 15 minuets away from Puerto Princesa Airport. You must call first for reservation before going because rest assure that the place is always jam-packed with tourists from different countries. Book your flight now and fly to the most amazing restaurant in Puerto Princesa!

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